A quick update…

So it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything here, and we apologise for that. We’ve all been rather busy with our respective personal and professional lives and it’s not left much time for us to work on getting the machine back to the UK.

We’ve recently begun engaging with various transportation providers and we’re somewhat struggling to find anybody capable and willing to move the machine, but we will persevere! We’re determined to get the machine back before the October 31st Brexit deadline if at all possible, this is especially important as nobody knows what the importing costs will be post Brexit and we don’t want to end up paying thousands more in storage costs in the event of nobody knowing whats going on in a no-deal scenario.

If anybody has any suggestions for a good haulage company who can provide a full sized articulated truck with solid sides and tail lift (and many, many tie-down points) that could assist us with getting the machine back to the UK soon then we’re all ears!

We hope to provide you all with some exciting news on the project soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

All the best,

Adam and the rest of the IBM S360/20 restoration team.

Adam Bradley

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Adam is multi-talented engineer who's been involved in the computer history field for over a decade at The National Museum of Computing. Adam wears many hats, but he's primarily a Railway Engineer day to day, and when he's not playing with trains or computers he's probably to be found designing and building something vehicle related.
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